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Logo Design &

Digital Illustration


With over 30 years of logo design/ illustration experience and numerous design awards, we are ready to help you with the design or re-design of your company's logo. Logo design is done at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.

While some logos can be designed for as little as $150, our average logo design is around $500.

How our logo design service works:

We assume when you inquire about our logo design service that you are familiar with some of the logo's we've designed (examples below) and have decided that we are the right design service for your needs.

We are asked nearly every day... how much does a logo cost? There is no easy answer to this question. Designing a logo is a process that takes time. How much time is difficult to determine up front. We try to get as much information from you about what you would like in a logo before beginning the process. (i.e., have you seen other logo's you really like? what elements do you like about them?). We also take the "baby steps" approach, which means we typically don't spend more than a couple of hours on our initial design idea. That way, if you don't like the direction we are going, it hasn't used up your whole budget. It also helps us greatly if you give us a budget to work within.

Sometime's we nail it on the first try.... you're happy, we're happy and so is your wallet.
Sometime's we don't. Sometime's it takes several "misses" until we get what you are after. In this case, we still need to be paid for our time... that's the risk involved for you.

The process looks like this:

  1. You decide to take the risk, we discuss your ideas, likes, dislikes, budget, etc.

  2. We spend some time on a sketch, usually digital (but sometimes with a paper and pencil like in the old days).

  3. We are happy with our sketch and decide it's time to fill you in on it.

  4. Before we email our design idea, we ask for a payment in the amount equal to the time we currently have involved in your project.

  5. If you love our first design as is, there is an additional fee to purchase the design rights, (typically around $75) which also gets you the files you need for web and printing purposes.

  6. If you like it, but want a few changes, we will gladly do some tweaking until you are fully satisfied (at an additional $75 per hour).

  7. If you are unhappy with our idea and want us to start another design, your payment covers our current time involved and we start the process over at step #2. (hopefully our first idea will give you, and us a better idea of what you are looking for)

  8. If you are unhappy with our idea and have lost confidence in our ability to come up with a design you will like (a very rare situation), your payment covers our current time involved and you are free to find another design service.

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6287 E 44th St.   Newaygo, MI  USA   49337


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